Issa Asad Shares 3 Corporate-Learned Skills You Can Use for Your Business

Many business owners were once employed in corporations, but later realized they would rather own a business than work for one.

Issa Asad Florida

“Being a coporate paper-pusher is one of the best preoccupations for a small business owner,” said Issa Asad Florida entreprenuer and business owner since 1996. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida. He is also the author of 4 e-commerce and marketing e-books that can be purchased on Amazon.

For your entrepreneurship to be successful it requires essential corporate skills. Here, Issa Asad Shares 3 Corporate-Learned Skills You Can Use for Your Business:

Establishing your own personal brand

It is of great importance to ensure that as an entrepreneur you have the role to create your own identity. You have to closely work with your stakeholders. There is a need to have full knowledge of your clients. This is vital so that you can easily know their wants and demands. You also have to understand your shortcomings. This will enable you to correct your weaknesses and improve your strength. Your personal image in the society will play a significant effort in winning more customer. Therefore, it has to be reputable by intentionally managing it. Personal branding is an essential skill that you have to equip yourself with so that you can compete favorably in the corporate world.


It goes without saying that your network is your net worth in the corporate world. Successful entrepreneurs have mentors who advise them on available business opportunities. They are the source of business ideas. They understand the market and know what to invest, how to invest and when to invest in the corporate world. You also need sponsors to boost your business. Money obtained from serves as a driving force and motivational factor towards your business.

As an entrepreneur who wants to be successful, you also need to be an opportunist. You have to identify existing entrepreneurial business gaps and venture in as fast as possible. This should be done even without the consent of the public and before a potential person who intends to venture in the business is identified. This can only be made possible through networking. It is through it where you are able to be connected to your potential customers, partners, team, investors and even suppliers. Networking is an essential corporate skill that you can not afford not to equip yourself with.

Leadership Skills

For you to mobilize and pull your resources together in entrepreneurship then you must be a leader. This skill helps you to manage your stakeholders and be able to have a clear, common and shared purpose with them. The above factor enables you to restructure your business so that all factors in the system work towards achieving a common goal. An entrepreneur with leadership skill in the corporate world has the capacity to make well-informed decisions. This is because the person has admirable features like good communication skills, ability to solve complex challenges, amazing listening skills among others.

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