How to Cash in on the Alibaba Opportunity

What is the Alibaba Opportunity?

Selling online is tough and most people are looking for an opportunity to get ahead. In my opinion ‘The Alibaba opportunity’ is the most lucrative of our generation.

Alibaba Basics

  • was founded on 1999 by Jack Ma, in his apartment in Hangzhou, China.
  • Listed on the Hong Kong stock exchange in 2007 and ranked as one of the ,most innovative companies in the world in 2007.
  • Largest global IPO of all time, September 2014. its now the world’s biggest B2B marketplace.
  • By 2017, its predicted than more than $700bn of combined sales will be made through Alibaba and its associated websites and marketplaces.
  • It’s also one of China’s most popular websites, pretty much doing the same job as Amazon, PayPal and eBay combined for Americans.
  • China is the world’s largest online market.

There is a weird thing about chinese consumers

Although billions of products are made in China every year, a vast number of Chinese consumers don’t want to buy Chinese products, in fact they’ll pay a Premium to get their hands on foreign-made products and huge American brands like: Apple, Ray-Ban, and Nike. So This brands are now selling on to tap into this phenomenal market. But this is an unprecedented opportunity for small to medium business too, you just need to know how to do it and Issa Asad will get you started.

Couple all that with the fact that Alibaba has active members in 240 countries and you can see the potential to break into a number of global markets, too

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