Issa Asad Explains the 4 Best Business Apps to Use

As technology gets more advanced, the world gets smaller in more sense than one. There was a time when businesses had to have a brick and mortar office in order to be taken seriously. Slowly, but surely, that tradition is fading away.

Issa Asad Florida
Issa Asad Florida

“Today, many of the most successful businesses do not exist on land, they are all online, so this means that almost every aspect of the business is conducted on a computer over the internet,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and social media expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida. He is also the author of 4 e-commerce and marketing e-books that can be purchased on Amazon.

And with the advancement in smartphone capabilities, these virtual offices have become even smaller. But, simply having a gadget does not a functional office make. These smartphones have to be fitted with a number of highly useful apps that streamline the entrepreneur’s life as he/she struggles to build their empire online. Now, there are thousands upon thousands of apps. That does not mean that they are all created equal.

Here, Issa Asad Explains the 4 Best Business Apps to Use:

1. Expensify

As a business owner, you must keep records. Receipts for your business purchases have to be neatly and safely recorded, if not for you, then for the Governments sake. Storing all this paper can be a daunting task. That is unless you have Expensify. With this app, you can just simply take a picture of the receipt with using your phone, log in the relevant details and have that transaction stored away in the Cloud somewhere it will never get lost.

With a host of other features including automated filling as well as paying expensing reports, Expensify is indispensable for any business owner who is keen on keeping good records. There is a free version of this App and a paid one that goes for $5 a user per month.

2. HootSuite

Social media is everything nowadays. If your company is not on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, Instagram and a host of other platforms, you are missing out on the Holy Grail of publicity and customer engagement. Managing all these accounts can be a fulltime job, unless you have HootSuite.

This app allows you to have all your social media accounts in one place. It also allows you to schedule updates that will go live according to a set time table. This allows you to talk to people from across the world in different time zones without having to wake up at odd hours of the night. Like Expensify, there is a free version as well as a paid one that goes for $5.99 a month per user.

3. Remember the Milk

This is a to-do-list app on steroids. Remember the Milk allows you to record and prioritize task as well as see them through to their completion. What makes this App so wonderful is that it goes across the board. It is available in iPhone, Android, Web, Gmail, and Outlook. That’s not all! It allows for syncing which makes all of these versions act as one. You can get the basic version for free and the Pro version for $25 a year.


If you have a truck load of business files that need storage and regular use but do not want to carry around a huge briefcase, is the answer to your quagmire. allows for sharing of files through several devices such as your phones, Macs and Windows computer. With a generous free storage allotment of 50GB, vs. 2GB at Dropbox as well as 5GB at Sugarsync (5GB for Android) you have more than enough space and safe storage for those all important business documents.

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