3 Ways to Avoid Scams and Fraud on Alibaba’s Tmall

scams and fraud Issa AsadWhen you are selling through Alibaba’s Tmall, you have to know about the scams and fraud that does take place on the merchant site. This is the case with any online marketplace. But, as a merchant you have to know how to avoid this so that you can ensure your business grows, to ensure optimal sales figures and to ensure the greatest profits which are possible as well.

These three tips from the book, Instant Profits with Alibaba, by Issa Asad, are going to help you do just that as a merchant. Not only will you avoid loss, you will also avoid the potential of selling faulty or fake products to your customers as well, which is something that can ruin your reputation as an online merchant through the site as well.

    1. Know They Are Out There

      If you learn about scammers, their methods, how they attack as well as the items they are trying to sell, you will also know how to avoid them. So, you have to find ways to look out for potential threats, scams and the fraud that does take place. Doing this will allow you to find ways to avoid it, and to keep your merchant account as clean as possible when you are trying to sell the highest quality of goods to your customers.

    2. Don’t Be Too Trusting

      If a supplier is overly optimistic, if they are overselling you or if they are simply trying too hard, you can be weary of their practices. You can’t be too trusting; this is not only the case on Tmall, but through any business venture you engage in. Some people are only in business for their own good. So, make sure you know who is out there, what they are trying to sell to you and know how to spot a fake or fraud when you do see them come across your online site.

    3. Go with Honest Suppliers

      Regardless of the supplier you are dealing with, you want to inspect all items that are coming in and what you are selling. Not only does this guarantee they are genuine, it also guarantees your customer receives what they paid for. Furthermore, you want to work with honest suppliers, honest agents and contractors. They are out there. Sometimes you are going to get hit by those who are dishonest and will have to try out a few until you find the honest ones. But, as a merchant, doing your research will prove beneficial and will result in avoiding scams, fraud and potential loss of customers in the future as well.

You may get hit by a scam or fraud. It is a huge marketplace, and nearly impossible to verify each and every contractor, vendor and other merchants. But, over time these tricks will help you to avoid getting hit by a scammer more than once, and will help you to build an honest, open relationship. Not only will your contractors and agents, but also with customers you do business with regularly as well.

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