Q Link offers the best services at just $10, says Issa Asad

Q Link offers the best services at just $10, says Issa Asad

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Cell phone bills are loaded with administrative fees and taxes. They are incredibly confusing to read, and oftentimes you’re paying for things that you actually don’t need. Do you really need a cable and phone bill bundle?

Issa Asad Florida
Issa Asad Florida

In case you’re sick of making these kind of unnecessary payments, then you should look into stress-free, less-expensive phone bills from Q Link, a prepaid cell phone service provider.

Who is Q Link? The Sun Sentinel recently wrote an article about Q Link, titled “$10 for unlimited calls and 1 GB of data? Rock-bottom phone rates are growing”. The article, which is written by one of the largest newspapers in South Florida, states that any consumer can receive inexpensive cell phone rates without the stress of paying a contracted monthly bill.

Q Link is among the top developing prepaid low-cost carriers in the market headed by CEO Issa Asad. This service purchases exess retail phones from popular big four supplier carriers in this industry and later resells them as a pay-as-you-go service.

For customers who struggled to meet the basic expense of cell phone coverage, Q Link came up with bill plans that ensured every customer’s pocket is well cared of. Among the plans is a popular unlimited text and talk call with 1 GB monthly data at a cost of just $10. For consumers who need more data, they can select a different plan that fulfills this requirement.

There are other resellers in the market that provide the same kind of bundles including Gen Mobile, FreeUP Mobile, and many others. These resellers have made collaborations with other popular market resellers like Cricket Wireless and Boost Mobile.

The top leaders in this industry have taken cover almost 95% of the total market space of the wireless market. The resellers have been left out to compete for customers who need to save some money.

As with any business out there, the big companies in the industry have made their clients loyal by creating communications bundles. They have employed strategies including locking clients into a long term bundling with TV and internet and phone financing services.

Big companies usually let those secondary carriers take over customers they view them as of less value.

“But you know, this is wrong when running a business as you should consider any kind of customer either small or big,” said Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur.

This is why Q Link CEO Asad decided to start offering a service that the big companies seemed to ignore.

Starting this business, Asad targeted these low-income customers who had been approved for free service through the government’s Lifeline service. Q Link phone service has grown to take among the top position in the market after managing to take over 2.5 million clients in up to 30 states.

To read the full article by the Sun Sentinel, click here: https://www.sun-sentinel.com/business/jobs/fl-bz-q-link-wireless-races-to-phone-price-bottom-20190328-story.html.

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