Issa Asad Shares 4 Bland Businesses That Are Actually Huge Today

Issa Asad Florida
Issa Asad Florida

A popular belief among most people is that an original idea is the key to a successful business. The impression given by a lot of entrepreneurs is that it really takes a lot of brainstorming to come up with a unique idea. Is this belief true?

“A successful business does not entirely depend on how unique an idea is,” said Issa Asad Florida businessman and entrepreneur since 1996. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida. He is also the author of 4 e-commerce and marketing e-books that can be purchased on Amazon.

Here, Issa Asad Shares 4 Bland Businesses That Are Actually Huge Today:


It is hard to convince most individuals that Mark Zuckerberg is not the brainchild behind the use of internet as a platform for connecting with other people. This so as Facebook is a social media network that has millions of active users. Besides, it has gained authority, popularity and fame globally. Well, it is understandable based on the fact that most people never go a chance to create a Six Degrees account. Actually, Six Degrees, is regarded as the forerunner of social media sites. Unfortunately, it never lived long enough to witness the prosperity of the internet era. This is largely attributed to its launch at a time when only few people could access the internet.


The superiority of Google as a search engine has made many people think it was the first search engine to be used. Google has camouflaged search engines such as previously referred to Ask Jeeves yet this search engine existed way before Google was conceived. Google took over simply because it focused on giving users an exciting experience by investing in suitable appealing architecture.


What makes Amazon a successful e-commerce site? Why not the likes of, and What sets Amazon apart? The predecessor online sellers thought the best way to cater to customers’ needs was purely to concentrate on one retail sector. This strategy did not last for long. Amazon on the other hand used a versatile approach. Instead of choosing to focus on one niche, Amazon chose to give customers a diverse online shopping avenue for their diverse needs. Up to now, Amazon continues to enjoy the fruits of its


Over the years, FreshDirect has become a respectable online brand. It is recognized as a grocery-delivery services online store that is doing extremely well. But this company was not the first to venture into online grocery-delivery services.

That title is bestowed on Webvan. Around 1998, Webvan gave online grocery delivery services a shot. However, bankruptcy set in 3 years later. Webvan committed a “crime” similar to that of Six Degrees. It’s launching was marked by inappropriate timing when people were still in the process of getting to know the internet. Webvan failed to amass meaningful monetary benefits hence was unable to survive.

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