Why You Must Promote Your Tmall Business through Social Media

promote through social media Issa AsadWith any business venture you take on today, social media is your best friend. Due to the fact that so many people are at least on one of the major social media platforms, simply means you have to be on them as well if you would like to succeed as a business owner, especially if your business is solely online. As a merchant on Alibaba’s Tmall, the same goes if you would like to succeed and sell more.

These three pieces of advice from the book, Instant Profits with Alibaba, by Issa Asad, will help you build your site and promote through the platforms. The more you do, the more social sites you share through and the more of an audience you can connect with, the greater your sales figures are going to be as a merchant that is trying to sell through the Tmall site.

  1. Know Your Audience

    Sure, Twitter and Facebook are great. But, as a merchant on Tmall, you have to know you are dealing primarily with a Chinese marketplace. Sina Webo, Wechat, PengYou and more are all Chinese social media websites. You have to connect with the right audience if you are hoping to sell to the audience you are trying to target. Although you should use the US social media giants, but also make sure you are hitting a broad spectrum of sites to ensure the most exposure possible.

  2. Know Your Niche

    Again, this goes for any type of good you are trying to sell. When using social media to talk about your goods and merchant account, you have to know your niche. Who do you want to sell to? What do you want them to buy? What goods should you market to them? Knowing your niche on social media will not only help you build a stronger campaign, but will also allow you to target the right audience.

  3. Know Your Competitor

    You can follow your competitors’ social media pages. Doing this not only lets you see what they are promoting, it also allows you to see what is working, what doesn’t work and how to balance your marketing mix. Not only will this give you an insight as to how your competitors are reaching their audience, it is also going to let you see what your consumer audience if looking for, when they are searching for new products. Because your competitors are selling the same or similar goods, knowing how well they are doing will help you to build your social media marketing campaign as well as a business owner.

Social media is the leading platform for marketing today. If it is done properly, it can work wonders for your business. If poorly executed, it can put you out of business in no time at all. As a merchant, knowing which sites to use, how to target your audience, how to promote sales and how to deal with your competitors are among the many things you need to know if you would like to excel as a merchant, and reach the broadest audience possible.

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