Why Should You Think Outside of the Tmall Box?

think outside of tmall box Issa AsadAs a merchant on Tmall, you are going to want to do more business and sell more than your competitors. It is the only way to make the profits, and the only way to gain the largest customer base possible. But, if you are doing the same things they are doing and selling the same exact goods, how are you going to excel and how are you going to gain the competitive advantage over them?

When you learn how to do something different, you will sell more. In the following three tricks from the book, Instant Profits with Alibaba, by Issa Asad, you will learn how to outdo your competitors, how to change up the way you run your business and how to get the customer to buy only from you.

  1. Know Your Audience

Yes, you have to think outside the box. But, if your customers are shopping for new sneakers, is it going to work if you try to extend your sales to kitchen appliances? The answer is likely not. You have to find ways to promote the shoes in a manner that your audience hasn’t seen before. So, showcase the features, new ways they can use the product or distinct features that haven’t been shown before. You want to make it creative, but in a manner that will connect with your audience.

  1. New Sales

It is also a good idea to mix up the sales and items you are trying to sell. Of course the type of merchant account you have may limit the items you can sell. But, if you are a merchant known for selling home goods, why not try to branch out to outdoor furniture or similar items. Show your audience you are willing to try something new and give them a new product base to choose from.

  1. Outdo Your Competitors

Thinking outside the box doesn’t mean you have to reinvent the wheel. Rather, it simply means you have to give your customers something they have not seen before. This can come in the form of simply outdoing your competitor. If they have a new idea, or a new set of items they are selling, why not do the same and add something else. By simply giving your customers something new to look at, something more to look at and a few more items than what the competition has to offer to them, you are going to open their eyes to making more purchases of goods as well.

As a merchant, you have to do more, you have to add more and you have to out-create the competition. It doesn’t have to be a huge gesture or change in order for it to be noticed. As long as you are willing to try something new, make changes and show your audience growth and creativity, it is going to do wonders for your business and it is going to help you attain higher sales figures as a merchant on Tmall as well.

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