The Best Things Alibaba Invested in Last Year

issa asad best investments alibaba

Issa Asad, the entrepreneur from Miami, Florida, and CEO of Q Link Wireless, LLC, and Quadrant Holdings, LLC, of Dania, Florida, introduced Alibaba to us a couple months back in his e-book, Instant Profits with Alibaba. The Chinese online e-commerce giant has recently made a few additions to their company, which has helped them capture an even larger marketplace and larger consumer audience. According to Issa Asad, these are among the best things Alibaba invested in last year.


The US, New York-based retailer for fine decoration and interior design secured $15 million in funding from Alibaba. As nearly 1/3 of the business done by this retailer is outside the US, the Chinese marketplace giant is hoping to use this as leverage to increase sales through the Chinese market. And, with such a large audience to reach out to, it is certain that profits and sales figures are going to increase in the coming year.


This online language teaching site received over $100 million from Alibaba. With tutoring for different levels and age groups, the company is using the money that was received in funding to help build its brand in Asia. With the larger consumer audience comes more purchases of the online tutoring packages. In turn, more sales mean higher profits for the Alibaba marketplace, plus more products that are available for their consumer audience on the marketplace as well.


This Hong Kong based company received just over $800 million from the Chinese e-commerce market site. Producing several TV shows and movies for the Chinese audience, as well as a variety of gaming operations, Alibaba hopes to capture yet another large consumer audience in China. Especially as the site has recently turned to TV and gaming in the past year, and is hoping to capture the consumer audience who is looking to purchase such products in this area as well.

ByeCity Travel

The ByeCity travel company was also acquired by Alibaba, in hopes to offer consumers better travel deals through their site. $20 million was given to this company to help grow its site and online operations. Tango also received $280 million in funding. The US based messaging app had over 200 million registered users, with nearly 70 million who were active on a monthly basis. Whether it is to help increase social sharing, or to help the dwindling Laiwang chat app, Alibaba hopes that this investment will help bring them greater profits in the coming year as well.


Due to the fact that there is such a diverse audience in the Chinese marketplace, Issa Asad feels these are among the top acquisitions made in the year by Alibaba. Since they can reach more people, and are expanding on the product offerings available to consumers, it is an easy way to help increase sales and draw in a new audience. Furthermore, with funding in different projects, it allows the company to branch out, and venture in new areas of business. With large investment dollars shared with these companies, Alibaba will also receive a large percentage in return from these business ventures.

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