Issa Asad Says Entrepreneurs Should Never Do These 5 Things

Issa Asad Entrepreneurs

Issa Asad Says Entrepreneurs Should Never Do These 5 Things

issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

In a top-notch entrepreneurial world, the ubiquitously blurred line between treasured friends and sworn foes becomes even thinner.

“As you cast your trading sails into the propitious year 2017, you can easily surmount a couple of day-to-day counterproductive habits such as perennial wrong-spending , unwarranted delays, and self-inflicted pessimism,” explained Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur and e-commerce expert. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holdings, located in South Florida.

Issa Asad says entrepreneurs should never do these 5 things:

1. Lone-Wolfing

While you may indisputably possess terrific business skills, this isn’t any prudent reason to act as if you’re the proverbial jack of virtually every trade on earth and, curiously, a thoroughly seasoned master of all. Delegating a few of your burdensome onuses doesn’t outright negate the possible fact that you’re an unerring whizz in just about anything in the investment forte.

In a similar vein, hiring temporary or contracting full-time specialists not only eases your overwhelmed schedules but also gives you the much-needed opportunity to learn from others.

2. Copycatting

Comparing yourself with others is an incurably vain trait. Whether or not you accept this immutable certitude – there will always be people above and beneath you. As such, the unattainable struggle to be exactly like other entrepreneurs is an otiose chase after the wind.

Nonetheless, this doesn’t suggest that you oughtn’t to have role models. However, seeking an occasional dose of sublime inspiration from top investment mavericks shouldn’t be allowed to morph into goalless culture of sheepishly duplicating whatever others do.

3. Procrastinating

You can’t be an enthusiast of all your key business operations. Every experienced entrepreneurs has a list of uninspiring, yet pretty mandatory tasks such as convincing stiff-necked clients, appropriating extremely unavoidable deals with irredeemably suspicious Doubting Thomases, or slaving on elusive entries in accounting ledgers.

There are dozens of other somewhat boring but inevitable chores upon which your whole commercial success essentially depends. Don’t put off any vital assignments simply because they aren’t quite to your personal taste. As the time-honored adage wisely counsels, you must never defer what could have been done now!

4. Blame-Gaming

Blaming the winds won’t correct the precise errors that culminated in undesirable outcomes. In fact, giving in to the miserable path of bitter haranguing and ceaseless complaining turns of potential helpers who would have assisted you out of the present quagmire(s).

Entrepreneurs who are ever keen to blame others hardly spare any time to see the limitless opportunities around them. Say no to habitual blame-gaming as you enter 2017, and you’ll doubtless pull off unprecedented business milestones.

5. Misspending

Instead of wasting your money on profitless lures and basically unneeded gewgaws, focus on acquiring fundamentally essential purchases that will at least accelerate your pace toward achieving your ultimate entrepreneurial goals.

For instance, opting to titivate your commercial webpage(s) is more advisable than buying a luxurious auto model. Steer clear from the understandably natural temptation to spend your cash on mere wants, for real needs and rather optional wants differ way totally.

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