Issa Asad Reveals Rock Bottom Phone Plan Prices with Top Tier Services

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From flip phones to mini computers, mobile phones and mobile communication services have seen incredible development throughout the years. One thing remains constant in telecommunication services, and that is the fact that big phone companies tend to overcharge their customers.

Issa Asad Florida
Issa Asad Florida

“New interest is occurring in prepaid phone service, which is the complete opposite of what most consumers have experienced in the past,” said Issa Asad, Florida entrepreneur and Chief Executive Officer of Hello Mobile Company.

Hello Mobile Company, which was founded by CEO Issa Asad, is among the providers of prepaid telephone services. The company is located in South Florida, and is a leader in the prepaid communications industry.

According to the Sun Sentinel, a publication located in South Florida, Hello Mobile offers rock-bottom phone plan prices with top tier services.

The company offers affordable and low-cost phone services to its customers off the backs of the Big Four companies, including AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and TMobile. Hello Mobile purchases phones from the Big Four companies at a discount, and then offers the products to their customers for a low cost.

Hello Mobile customers enjoy a lot of benefits. Customers can get unlimited calls and 1 GB of data for just $10. There is a variety other offers available for customers, including 4G data, or unlimited calls and data for $25 a month for the first quarter of the year and then $40 for every month thereafter.

The reselling of phone services is a niche that has attracted other companies like Mint Mobile, Unreal Mobile, and FreeUp Mobiles.

“What we are doing is basically repacking the phones for potential customers, which allows them to recieve an excellent product at a lower cost,” said Asad. Asad claims that his customers are part of an “underserved and untapped market.”

Founder and CEO of Hello Mobile, Asad has been in Florida since the age of 15. He found his interest in the telephone communication industry after college. He purchased a convenience store but later learned that there could be better business prospects in phone card distribution to retail shops operators.

Amazingly, his new business thrived, and he created a company in the phone industry. His main target became the neglected but huge market of low-income earners who were eligible to get free phones and telecommunications services through the Lifeline service offered by the government.

Within a short while, Asad’s company had grown to be the third-largest Lifeline phone service company with a whopping 2.5 million users. The company offers phone service on the Sprint network.

Although the headquarters of this giant phone service company is based in Dania, Florida, Hello Mobile has not yet been permitted to offer its Lifeline service to Florida residents. This requires approval by the Federal Communications Commission. However, Asad is still pushing for the passing of legislation even though it has been close to eight years since the company’s request for permit.

Asad asserts that there are approximately 2.8 million homes that are qualified for Lifeline service, but are not yet signed up for their service. In the meantime he urges Florida residents to sign up for one of Hello Mobile’s low-cost prepaid service plans.

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