Issa Asad Explains Why Food Stamp Recipients Should Get Lifeline

Issa Asad Explains Why Food Stamp Recipients Should Get Lifeline

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

There are millions of American citizens that struggle for their daily needs. Most of them live below the recommended poverty line, and cannot afford necessities like food, shelter, and clothing. Most of these citizens live on Food Stamps provided by the Government and other funded good-wishers. The Federal Lifeline Assistance Program offers such services through Q Link Wireless, a mobile phone service provider.

The phone company recently gave Food Stamp recipients an opportunity to own a phone service through the generous donation of Q Link Wireless CEO Issa Asad. An eligibility criterion for Lifeline members is that one must be a low-income earner, under the Federal Poverty Guidelines in different states, receiving Food Stamps in government feeding programs. Lifeline also accepts those under the Supplemental Nutrition Aid Program.

Benefits of Lifeline to Food Stamp Recipients

Eligible Individuals applying for the Lifeline program will obtain a landline or wireless phone service at discounted prices or free of charge. The phone service provided varies from state to state and the certified service providers available. Phone services by Lifeline include; calling features like voicemail, call waiting, 911, limited monthly talk time minutes, and texts. Additional talk time minutes can be purchased if depleted before the month ends.

Food Stamp beneficiaries without any form of income get a free cell phone from wireless phone donors such as Q Link Wireless. They donate free cell phones and phone services to Lifeline members that do not own a phone and cannot afford to purchase one.

How Lifeline Programs Work with Registered Food Stamp Recipients

Issa Asad Florida

Issa Asad Florida

Food Stamp members who are registered with the t Lifeline program enjoy inexpensive phone services donated by the Lifeline participants for one year. They are required to verify their registration details every year to continue enjoying the free phone services under the Lifeline Assistance Program.

The phone service enables eligible Food Stamp members to closely monitor their groceries status before visiting the stores to collect new food stock. It helps to track their consumption levels and budget for their weekly grocery collections using the allotted Food Stamps. The donated phones have significantly improved Food Stamp recipients through proper planning and budgeting of the donated supplies. They no longer have to worry about food shortages and depletion of allocated food rations.

Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless CEO appreciates what the Lifeline program has so far achieved. In helping Food Stamp recipients manage their food budgets using the free phone services donated by his company. He also added that the development has tremendously relieved at least one burden off of their struggling lives.

Lifeline assistance programs help Food Stamp recipients boost their personal image when finding work in the marketplace. The free phone services enable them to leave reliable contact details with prospective employers and secure social networks that help out with job placements.

Staying In Touch with Prospective Employers

It also broadens the job categories that they apply for, providing higher chances of interview invites from interested companies. The phones also help Food Stamp recipients to stay in touch with their loved ones, their current employers and colleagues and also reach out for help in case of emergencies. They no longer have to rely on borrowed phones for essential communication which is extremely vital in this era. Phone service has become a necessity these days, and everyone needs to keep one at hand, all the time. Thanks to Lifeline assistance, Food Stamp recipients get to enjoy daily communication with everyone that they care about.

The Future of Lifeline Assistance Programs

Lifeline has made great progress with the development and implementation of phone service provision to Food Stamp recipients. Lifeline provides one phone service subscription per household. Those with multiple subscriptions already risk forfeiting their discounted phone service. Subscribers are required to confirm their eligibility once a year through email or over the free service phones in their possession.

To register for the Lifeline assistance program, eligible Food Stamp recipients must provide proof of participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or an additional certified government aid program. Individuals that no longer receive government food stamps, but wish to enlist for lifeline must be earning minimum wages below their state’s Centralized Poverty Guidelines. On many occasions, Lifeline members who have received free wireless phones can maintain their phones through the year and also qualify to retain their phones over the next 12 months.

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