How to Safeguard Your Business Online Reputation

Issa Asad online reputationWhether you are looking to make it big with an online business or just looking for a career, your online reputation must be good, why? Most potential employers, investors or even business partners will value your capability based on your online profile, meaning that you might be losing chances of your preferred career or a business opportunity just because your online reputation doesn’t meet the requirements of the people you are aiming to impress.

“The truth is, the value of your personal brand depends on your online reputation,” exclaims Issa Asad Florida entrepreneur, businessman, and CEO of 2 companies located across South Florida. Mr. Asad is the CEO of Quadrant Holdings and Q Link Wireless. So, how do you save yourself the trouble? Simple, learn ways on how to manage your online business reputation. Here’s how to safeguard your business online reputation.

1. Be Cautious of What You Share Online

Anything you share online will stay online, what does this mean? It is like a permanent tattoo on your face that you can’t hide. You have to learn to stay with it. The bad news is that most potential investors or employers will base their description of your characteristics on the pictures you share online. With that in mind, you should avoid posting pictures or comments that might spoil your online image. Among the things that might compromise your professionalism are, negative comments, pictures that depict anger or violence, bad relationship with your customers, coworkers, and more.

2. Use Google Search

Anything posted under your name especially from the social site will find their way to Google. The bad news is that Google doesn’t detect what’s bad for business and what’s not. Provided it is posted, it might appear in the search results. Google search is among the quickest ways to know what’s online about you. It is advisable to look up your name using Google search once a month to ensure that anything posted online about you online stays updated.

By looking up your name on the Google search engine, you will immediately realize what damages you reputation and act as fast as possible by contacting the site to remove the content. The bad news is that, the site might not remove the content, but that doesn’t give you the reason not to try. If this happens, don’t worry. Try and create a content that might appear on the first results of the Google search. You can also, share your content on Google’s blogging platform, update your social site’s profiles for example twitter and Facebook, share your videos on YouTube and more.

3. Avoid Being Tagged in Pictures That May Be Harmful

Most social sites are meant for fun, jokes and the worst part sharing all sorts of content. If you have a Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social site account, chances that your friends will post and tag you in embarrassing or non-professional pictures are high. The pictures might not be about you, but the fact that your name appears in a bad picture might change the perception of others about you. Your friends without your consent might tag you in pictures that you would wish to be kept private hence damage your online reputation. You can simply avoid this by talking to your friends, and if you find yourself tagged in an image bad for business, you can also ask your friend to remove the tag.

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