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Issa Asad is a well-respected entrepreneur, best-selling author and marketing strategist from South Florida. With experience in the telecommunications, technology and marketing industries since 1996, Mr. Asad has been the Managing Member, Co-Founder, Founder, Vice President, President and Chief Executive Officer for various companies in the Ft. Lauderdale and Miami metropolitan areas of South Florida. Issa Asad is the owner of Q Link Wireless and Quadrant Holding based in Dania Florida.

Known for his innovative, strategic vision and implementation of original marketing solutions, Mr. Asad has achieved continuous yearly profits for several multimillion dollar companies. As an expert in SEO practices, marketing techniques, sales and industry analysis, Mr. Asad understands what it takes to be a successful businessman and entrepreneur.

Issa Asad Q Link Cares
Mr. Asad is also a well-known telecommunications expert. He was featured in several publications and magazines, including Intele-Card News, Phone Plus, Convenience Store News and many more.

In his 2014 “Instant Profits” book series, Mr. Asad exposes his closely-guarded tips, tricks and secrets on profiting from several online-based platforms. To date, Mr. Asad has written and published four books about ecommerce business, marketing, social media and SEO practices. His books include: Instant Profits with Instagram, Instant Profits with Alibaba, Instant Profits with Snapchat and Instant Profits with Vine.

Issa Asad goals is to share his tips, advice and secrets with other entrepreneurs and marketing professionals so they may also profit using extensive knowledge and expertise.